A Magical Weekend of Performances


This past week was filled with late nights at the theatre, but after great performances this weekend, all the hard work during the week was worth it. It takes a lot of time, attention, and effort to transfer all the work from the studio to the theatre. Sometimes the rehearsals can have stressful moments, but everyone is working together to create a beautiful production. It takes time to get use to costumes, the lights, and the sets. Dancers are constantly asking each other questions in order to understand the spacing so the transitions are seamless between each scene.

After lots of rehearsal, Saturday night at 7:30PM was the first show. I was performing as a Rat, Spanish Corps, and Russian Corps. The show was an absolute blast. Rat is always a fun role because the battle scene is chaotic and it is fun to run like mad on stage. Spanish Corps is a great role because I get to dance with a super, cool cape like a terrero! Sass and spiciness is a must within the movement. I promise I will give you an air bite here and there. I then have about three minutes to quick change backstage into my Russian costume. The first time I did this quick change in rehearsal, I was so frazzled and barely made it on stage- that is why we have rehearsal. For opening night- the quick change was perfect and I had plenty of time to make it on stage. Russian is a special role because that is the role that I have always wanted to do growing up watching the Nutcracker. To be able to do this role is an honor and a dream come true. To hear the crowd roar after the last jump was incredible. This performance was my first performance at the Long Center in Austin and the first performance with Ballet Austin's main company. I say all that to mean that this was my first real, professional show and it was an incredible feeling.

Luckily, I got to perform again the next day but in as a different role. On Sunday at 2PM, I made my debut as Nephew/Nutcracker Doll/Prince. This role has a lot of acting and some pretty sweet sword fighting in the battle scene. This role has been special to me since I have had the honor of getting casted for the show. This role has pushed me a lot as an artist and in my career. To finally get to perform it after lots of rehearsals was very fulfilling. 

Overall, this weekend has been an incredible rush of performances. I have had so much fun... maybe too much fun. If you have not yet bought tickets read my previous post for all the details to see me perform. Want to see the behind scenes of Nutcracker? Follow me on Instagram and watch my story for entertainment from backstage of the Long Center.