A Celebration through Performance

The last few weeks have been transformational and inciteful for me and my life. It has been hard to continually put myself out there in a vulnerable position within my writing. The love, wisdom, and encouragement I have received from so many people are far greater than I have given. Thank you to all the individuals who have reached out to me. 

This week has been a celebration of progress within my life. I am excited to go after therapy on spiritual and psychological levels. I can feel a difference in my thinking and outlook on my surroundings. There is still more help and growth in store for the future which I am already itching to share with you.

How did I celebrate?

Do the one thing I know best-


When I performed Quiet Imprint a few weeks ago, I was not myself. I was not getting the high amounts of adrenaline from performing; I was dull. I was not confident on stage. We have been getting ready for the Ballet Austin second company’s spring show for a few months now. The shows went well, but the most important thing that happened was that I had fun.
I had fun.

I rediscovered my honest love for dance which was liberating. The Matthew Gattozzi from two months ago would have found every negative from the shows and destroyed me over them. 

That was not the case.

I left the stage fulfilled and full of joy.

It helped when I had so many friends in the audience as well as my two biggest fans- Mom and Dad.

Photo by Hailey Dupont

YES! JOE AND PATRICE GATTOZZI were here in Austin, in the flesh for the weekend. It was incredible getting to share this moment with them. If anything, this performance was for them. They were the ones on the phone with me making sure that I was okay. They have always been amazing to me, but when they knew I was hurting, they built me up. I would not have had the performance that I did if it was not for them. 

So to my mom and dad who are reading this- thank you.

I am currently only focusing on one production as opposed to two at the same time. That production that is Ballet Austin is currently staging is Magic Flute, which is choreographed by Stephen Mills. It is a playful ballet full of love and humor. Magic Flute is Mr. Mills’ ballet version of the opera Magic Flute. Ballet Austin will be performing this show at the end of the month. I will be busy with rehearsals the next few weeks.

Outside of ballet, I am very busy doing photography, videos, and creating a new, unique project for my website. I am so excited to share some exciting content within the next few weeks. Thank you for all the support and make sure to follow me on social media for all the updates. 

Stay strong – keep working hard – peace and love!