Where the Wild Things Are

The great Pacific Northwest is known for it's wilderness and wild life. With no obligation of being anywhere, I wanted to see what is so special about the wilderness out here in the northwest part of America. Luckily, there was a group of people from church going to a place called Salmon Le Sac. Salmon Le Sac is a river in the Wenatchee forest located in the Cascade mountain range. We went out for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I do not have any camping equipment here in Seattle. Luckily, I borrowed my uncle's one man tent and sleeping bag. It is free to camp at Salmon Le Sac which is great, but you have to claim your spot that you want before another person takes the spot you were planning on staying. 

I left early on Friday morning with a few others in order to claim spot for the group. After claiming a spot, we got out from the trees to look at the river and saw this: 

The water is clear like a glass window. The sound of the water rushing down the river is calming. It was incredible. After setting up camp, we relaxed by the river and played cards while we waited for the others. The last of the group came at about 10 PM. As I was in the parking lot, I looked up. I actually gasped out loud. The amount of stars in the sky were the same number of grains of sand on a beach. The sky looked like it was going to rip open with a massive light. I witnessed amazingness. Yes, I created a new word because what I saw was just that unbelievable (RULE 8). Unfortunately, the sky was cloudy and the amazingness ended for the day.

The next day I woke up at about 6 AM, which is crazy because that is earlier than my alarm on a normal day. Since I was up so early, I explored the river with my camera and got a few shots while the sun was rising. 

After everyone woke up and ate, we all went swimming in the river. The river has rapids which make it a little dangerous to swim in because you do not want to be sucked into the rapids. So when you are in the rapids, you have to be calm. There are a bunch of rocks to jump off of and climb which was pretty fun! After a nice siesta, we went into town, Roslyn, to grab some ice cream. 

We hung out blah blah blah, had dinner, blah blah blah, lets just skip forward to what I call Amazingness, the night sky at Salmon Le Sac. We all laid on the rocks and watched the stars. It was so clear that you could see Mars. Yes, you could see Mars. I saw eight shooting stars, but others saw over ten shooting stars. You could see the Milky Way. Amazingness... enough said. I have never taken photos of stars, but I tried my best to capture what I saw. 


One of the famous parts of Salmon Le Sac is a bridge 35-40 feet high that you can jump off into the river. Sunday morning, before we left, we took on the jump. JUMP (RULE 9)!

Jumping off a 35-40ft high bridge at Salmon Le Sac in Washington

Shot with a Nikon D3200

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC