I Still Believe

As I have been waiting to leave for Seattle, I have been the most free in my life since I was a baby. I do not have to worry about school the next fall, I have no job, and I am off from ballet. I hate being free. I like being busy. What has saved me from extreme boredom has been the World Cup happening in Brazil. I have pretty much watched every single match so far. 

You can call me a bandwagon fan all you want, but I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the World Cup. I will admit that before this tournament, I could care less about futbol. Now, I actually do care about this sport because of the US Men's National Team. It is hard to root for a team who does not instill greatness to the public, but this year the team gave me hope that they can be victorious. 

They started out in the group of death but they fought. They never gave up, which is why I wanted to keep watching them. Even if they were down, they played with passion. I went into downtown Boston to watch the game on a big screen with thousands of other fans. They were playing Germany. Even though they lost, the USMNT gave people hope that they could be victorious even though they had just lost.

It sort of stinks that the USMNT lost last night to Belgium and we have to wait four years till the next World Cup. It was a good run from the Yanks but the future looks even brighter. The squad was a young squad this year and hopefully in four years they can develop more technique to beat the bigger opponents next time around. It has been fun watching the USMNT play and making me believe. Even though we lost, I STILL believe.