My Wake Up Call

"Matt it is time to wake up. It is such a beautiful day out and we are going to clean your whole room and pack you. It's late, so get up." -Mom

So I was not really appreciative that I had to leave my beauty sleep to start packing for my move, but my mom was right. If you know me, I am an emotional guy. The past few weeks have been filled with goodbyes, except it has not been filled with emotions. I think I have not felt emotional about leaving because I keep trying to enjoy the beautiful day of the present and I have postponed my goodbyes and emotions. My emotions have been in their beauty sleep.

I have only a week and a half before I leave Boston for Seattle and I know my emotions are starting to wake up. Cleaning everything in my room brought back so many memories. I started to remember some good times and some bad times. Packing all my clothes and putting things in boxes has gotten my emotions out of the bed. I am leaving. I am really leaving my favorite city. I am really leaving all my friends. I am really leaving my brother and parents.

I was walking back from a friend's house and I passed a baseball field that I had not stepped on since I last played there in 6th grade. Before I went to my school and played baseball there, I played in my town league my whole life. I made so many memories at this baseball diamond. It was about 10:15 PM and the field lights were on, but there was no one on the field. I decided to go down on the field for one last time for old time's sake. My best offensive game happened on this diamond when I went 4-4 and hit two home runs, one triple, and one single. I walk up to the plate and swing while remembering the game. As I swung the lights went out. The field flooded with darkness. I ran the fake bases and when I reached home I broke down crying. My emotions finally reached me. The lights went out. My time in Boston is done for now. I realized it is time to move on. It is not easy to move on because I want to relive all my good moments from my childhood.

I have had my wake up call. It is time to face my emotions of leaving and prepare myself to move out and move on.