The Calm Before the Storm

The Sugar Plum and the Cavalier at the start of the Grand Pas of the Nutcracker

After hours of rehearsal, it is time to perform. I love watching the Grand Pas of the Nutcracker. The Sugar Plum Fairy and the Cavalier put in so much time and effort coordinating their movement, lifts, and artistry. The final product is beautiful.

A special moment happens before they dance. The two enter the stage and pose before the orchestra plays the first note. There is a sense of peace in that small fraction of time. This moment sets up their presentation on the stage. The calm before the storm.

There is a story everywhere you are and even where you work. Take the time to listen. Engage. Ask questions. This is time to #EngagetheCommunity! What will you learn next? I would love to hear your response on social media below!