Where extreme discipline intersects with incredible creativity

My name is Matthew Gattozzi, and I am an audience growth specialist.

Before being an audience growth specialist, I was a professional dancer. For 14 years, I trained day in a day out to hone my skills as a dancer while collaborating with other dancers and choreographers to build productions for audiences all over the world.

Photo by Lindsay Thomas

As I have traveled for dance, I documented my time through writing, pictures, and video. After an unfortunate career-ending back injury, I shifted my efforts to help people and companies with building an audience through social media and visual design.

Dancing gave me extreme discipline meshed with incredible creativity. I will create a flow unique to you that has a schedule with engaging and creative content that builds a community that matters. I have created a system based off of my years of training as a dancer that has found success.

Building an audience takes time, patience, and grit. With storytelling, social media, and visual design intersecting with discipline, I hope to serve you on your journey to grow your business and audience.