Juiceland asked me to create some content to highlight some of their new re-vamped menu items, Quinoa Ranchero, Mid East Feast, and the Double Rainbow Quinoa Salad. I was able to play around with shooting just the food as well as having a model enjoying the tasty food. The goal was for people to feel like they were sitting at the table about to eat these tasty meals from Juiceland.

Briggo Coffee


Briggo is a coffee company that needed photos of their brand new location in the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. For a few hours, I took photos of customers ordering their coffee and interacting with Briggo ambassadors. The goal of this photo shoot was to help Briggo have images for their social media accounts to raise awareness of their new location in the airport.

Ballet Austin

Ballet Austin needed a video in order to promote their up coming show that was showcasing their second company and the Butler fellows from their school. This video was a trailer to raise awareness for the audience and the public to come to the show. 


Zenergy Pilates Studio

Zenergy is a pilates studio located in Austin. I went to their studio to take photos of the studio, instructors, and some clients. The goal of this photo shoot was to update their photos for their website as well as have photos to educate potential clients about what kind of equipment this studio offers. 

Gracely Skirt Designs


Anna, who started Gracely Skirt Designs, needed pictures of her new line of dance skirts. We wanted to show off the many skirts through the different dynamics of the dancers. Anna did not want a traditional studio background, so we went outside to play with the cityscape of Austin. 


Tarrytown Dance


Tarrytown dance is a local dance studio in Austin located in Tarrytown. They asked me to shoot a video that highlights all the levels in the school. This video was played before their end of the year show called "SHINE."