Burro Cheese Kitchen

I ran the Facebook and Instagram of Burro Cheese Kitchen for 1 week for Austin City Limits

Created two videos, each to recap one weekend of Austin City Limits

Created many photos to post on the timeline and stories

Posting on the timeline

Posting on the Instagram Stories

Responding to comments, and other engagements

By the numbers in 7 days


Profile visits- 1,076 visits which is +776 visits from previous week

Website Clicks- 44 clicks which is +33 clicks from previous week

Get directions- 12 clicks which is +12 clicks from previous week

Calls- 2 calls which is +2 calls from previous week

Accounts Reach- 6,626 accounts which is +4,122 from the previous week

Impressions- 48,576 impressions which is +40,637 from the previous week

New Followers- 82 new followers


Post Reach- 1,580 people reached which is up 2800% from previous week

Post Engagements- 232 post engagements which is 1800% from previous week

New Page Likes- 4 new page likes


Burro Cheese Kitchen has a loyal following and regularly is attracting new followers with their sandwiches. People need to know the location of the trucks, how they can put in a catering order, and at what events the trucks will be serving here in Austin. I created a website that included a catering form that people can put in a request directly on the site, integrations of Google Maps, and an interactive menu where people can click on a sandwich name and see a photo of it. The website has excellent visuals, intuitive design, and easy access to information. Ultimately, the site represents the high-quality food that Burro Cheese Kitchen serves.