Youtube for Beginners: How to Start a Youtube Channel

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world next to Google, and Google owns Youtube. Basically- Youtube is one of the best places to build an audience for video. You may be thinking that this is too good to be true and that you have to pay hundreds of dollars to get started.


It is free and so easy to start.

Before we go into the practicals to start a Youtube Channel, let’s talk about the subject matter of your Youtube Channel.

1. Do not start a Youtube Channel just because

You want to create videos with an intention behind them. What is your theme and subject matter? If you answer, you want to go viral or be famous; you are missing the point. Youtube is about creating a community of people around your videos. If you have no theme or consistent subject matter, people do not know what kind of channel they are following. What types of videos do you want to make? This distinction is important because this will help you name your channel and create a brand around your videos.

2. How to Start Your Youtube Account

If you do not already have a Google account for Gmail or any other Google product, create one.

Once you are logged into your Google account, go to Youtube and click on your face on the top right corner of the screen.

Hit create a channel.

There you will be able to fill in what your channel is about, the name, and other details that you figured out before you started.

3. Create

Creating is where the magic happens! This is where dreams become a reality. All of those videos you hoped to make are being made and published for anyone to see. Making videos can be scary and maybe discouraging at first. It takes time to build an audience. It takes time to build the quality of video that you desire. You will grow and get better, but you just need to start. You will adapt, and your style will change, but you can’t get there if you do not create any video.

4. Find a schedule

The motivation to build your channel will die within a few months of starting, which is why creating a schedule to publish videos will keep you going even when you do not want to publish a video. You need to build boundaries for yourself to keep you moving forward. Stick to this schedule and be diligent even when you are not the biggest fan of the video. Consistency is what will build your audience.

If you have any questions about Youtube or creating videos, feel free to reach out to me down below!

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