How to Build the Perfect Instagram Profile

Have you ever scrolled on Instagram and saw someone getting paid to go to that music festival you have been dreaming about for years, or go to that tropical island and think, “could that ever be me?”

The answer is YES!

Even if you don’t want to travel, you can start the life you desire by improving your Instagram profile today!

A lot of people get caught up in how many followers they have versus the quality and engagement of their followers. Here are FIVE things to think about to not only attract more followers on Instagram but to build a community that engages with you!

1. Consistent Theme

I struggle with this the most, which is why I want to talk about it first. I am interested in a million things, and I want to post about everything. When you want to build a following on a platform like Instagram, you want it to be clear about what you do on this platform. When a random person comes onto your profile, they want to know what they are potentially following, but if you do not have a consistent theme, people might get lost and bounce off your profile. A constant theme will get people to not only stay on your profile but also want to see what else you have posted.

2. Great Profile Picture

Having a clear headshot is vital to give you an icon for your username. We remember people when we have a face for the name. Our brains work the same way for Instagram. Give people a clear face to remember for your username. Try not to change this too often because you want to make sure that people solidify your face in their brain.

3. Engaging Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are my favorite thing on Instagram. To me, Instagram Stories are a way to have a more raw, authentic interaction with people. You can share the behind the scenes of your life and talk directly to people in a way that you cannot on a post. The stories are organic and a great way to let people into your life and work beyond just a post. The stories can also help you ask questions about what followers want to know more about, answer questions from followers, and promote what you are doing.

4. Captions that Matter

Captions are a way to develop your voice, talk about your life, and share your perspective. It is nice to have cheeky captions, but it is nice to have a more raw discussion about yourself on the caption now and then. People come for the pictures, but people stay for the captions. The caption is your place to establish yourself and give people insight on yourself or brand.

5.Build Community with Real People

Real people use Instagram just like you. People with emotions, hurts, dreams, and everything else that makes up a human being use Instagram. Building a following on Instagram is about building a community of people around you and what you talk about on this platform. You can honestly engage with the people that follow you. Take your time to respond to their messages and comments because they will remember when you took the time to engage them. The real influence will come from building this tribe around you.

Instagram is such a dynamic platform with many forms to post and connect with people. If you have any questions, please ask me below! See you on the Gram!

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