How to Download and Use Adobe Lightroom Presets!

Have you ever thought- I want to edit my photos like this person that I follow on Instagram?

Have you ever thought- I want to have a similar theme/look for my Instagram grid or brand?

A preset is more than a filter. A filter is a fixed look that gets overlayed on top of an image. A preset is editing the actual photo, and it should act more as a reference point. Presets are not to finish an edit. It should begin your editing, and then you make small adjustments after you use the preset.

Presets are a great way to get the look that you want that is similar to someone you follow or upgrade your editing skills on your photos. A lot of your favorite creators sell their presets that you can use.

I just dropped FOUR FREE Adobe Lightroom Presets for you all. If you have not downloaded them, you can download them now!

I have received some questions from people who have downloaded them on how to use them, so I want to explain in detail how to download and use them.


STEP 1. Download my presets (shameless plug)

STEP 2. Make sure you have Adobe Lightroom Classic or CC on your phone and/or computer.

STEP 3. Open up Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic

STEP 4. For Lightroom CC go to edit by clicking the edit icon or the letter E on your keyboard.

For Lightroom Classic, go to the Develop tab.

STEP 5. For Lightroom CC, click on Presets tab at the bottom of the Edit tab.

Lightroom Classic, click the plus that is on the right side of the Presets tab which is on the left of your screen.

STEP 6. For Lightroom CC, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the presets panel and click import presets.

Lightroom Classic, click import presets.

STEP 7. For Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic, select the .xmp files which are the presets.

STEP 8. Restart your programs if you do not see the presets. Make sure you are logged into the same adobe account on your mobile device, and the presets will sync onto your phone to use!

What this process looks like in Lightroom CC

What this process looks like in Lightroom Classic


As I said from above, the presets are editing reference points. You can toggle through the presets to see how they change your original photo. You should not be finished with editing your photo after you click a preset. Using a preset should be the beginning of your editing process.

Find the style that you like from the presets and make something special that you can print out or post online. Editing is about finding your creative voice through an image, and presets can help build your voice.

Seriously, go download my presets!